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5 of the Best Chicago Comfort Foods

08 Jan

Everyone knows about Chicago’s deep-dish pizza and hot dog. With the snow piling up in the heart of winter, we need some more Chicago comfort foods to stretch across the long, cold week.  Find solace in these warm dishes at some of these cozy restaurants.

Lobster Mac-N-Cheese at Lady Gregory’s.

 1. Lobster Mac-n-Cheese

Take a trip north to the historically Swedish and ever-charming neighborhood of Andersonville.  Fixed  among cool shops and bars at 5260 N. Clark St. is Lady Gregory’s, a great Irish restaurant/pub that serves up a tremendously delicious bowl of Lobster Mac & Cheese. The dish is $18, but the quantity is massive and the taste is something you won’t soon forget.   In addition, they have an excellent beer list to pair with your hearty meal.

Chicken Special at Belly Shack.

2. Chicken Special

Behold Belly Shack’s Chicken Special (Wednesday’s price is only $12), moist chicken with a crispy skin on a bed of roast sweet potatoes and crumbled Mexican chorizo sprawling about the bowl like a hash – and all of it is covered in Chimichurri sauce. It’s a ridiculously delicious and a very hefty meal.  The Shack is BYOB too for added meal enjoyment ;). 1912 N Western Ave.

Lentil Soup from Taste of Lebanon.

3. Lentil Soup

One of Chicago’s northside secretsTaste of Lebanon is that no frills family operated Middle Eastern restaurant that proves completely satisfying.  Their lentil soup isn’t fancy but it is perfectly spiced and served with fresh pita- a winter combination that warms the belly.  They also cook up some delicious shwarma wraps.  Check out this ultra cheap and charming restaurant at 1509 W Foster Ave.  Cash only.


Pub Grub at Small Bar.

4. Bar Food

Logan Square’s hidden gem, the original Small Bar features great hot sandwiches, burgers, delicious fries and a rustic atmosphere perfect for a cold winter evening.  Our General Manager, Jason Schultz urges you to try their excellent split pea soup, a winter special that will surely warm you up.  They also serve 150 different beers, and we recommend The Lion Stout from Sri Lanka- a heavier brew with a hint of chocolate. 2956 N. Albany.

Duck Poutine from Fork.

5. Duck Poutine

Fork in Lincoln Square has amazing brunch items like Chicken & Waffles, Chilaquiles, homemade doughnuts and the outstanding Duck Poutine.  As any Canadian or Midwesterner knows, poutine is a staple among Chicago comfort foods. Fork’s version is a small mountain of handcut fries, duck confit, aged cheddar and rosemary topped with duck gravy.  It may be the most decadent dish of the historic neighborhood but a delicious winter menu choice nonetheless.  It is $13, but perfect to share with another hungry traveler. 4600 N. Lincoln Ave.

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