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Blizzard Survival Tips

01 Feb


Let us help you prepare . . .

As you know Chicago is gearing up for a severe weather storm.  24″ of snow are possible. . . and we urge you to follow a few tips to stay safe in this potentially hazardous snow storm

Stock up on beverages and food at the Lincoln Park Market


  1. Stay away from drivers who cannot drive in the summer let alone a BLIZZARD!
  2. Wear protective gear, IE: Jacket, Gloves, 180′s or ear muffs- perhaps some snow pants? (helmets don’t count)
  3. Keep a shovel in your car, well that is if you have a car
  4. Call all of your loved ones, let them know you’re in the ONE ALL, END ALL blizzard of Chicago!
  5. Make a quick trip to the Lincoln Park Market to grab some staples.  Food that is.
  6. Stock up on adult beverages, you’re going to be locked up for quite some time.

Jokes aside:

  • Dress warmly
  • Make sure you have food for the day
  • Make sure your car isn’t parked in a “snow zone”
  • Make necessary travel arrangements and modifications
  • Extend your stay at the Chicago Getaway Hostel
  • Stay away from Lake Michigan, waves in excess of 25 feet expected
  • Take the CTA whenever possible

1967 Blizzard: Early in the storm a CTA bus is towed after getting stuck on Michigan Avenue 
at Walton Street in Chicago.

Visit the CTA at–for up to date travel delays and information

Visit the Department of Aviation- up to date travel information and delays

How Does the storm measure up?!

Groundhog Day Blizzard of 2011 could rank as one of Chicago’s top 5 snowstorms

1) 23.0″   1967  January 26-27

2) 21.6″   1999  January 1-3

3) 19.2″   1930  March 25-26

4) 18.8″   1979  January 13-14

5) 16.2″    1931  March 7-8

?)             2011 February 1-2

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