• Fun at the Rink

    How would you like to watch one of the most successful teams in recent history in all of sports?... Read more

  • Museum Week

    Chicago has so many amazing museums that it may seem nearly impossible to visit, let alone afford, to visit them all.... Read more

  • Watch The Bears Like A Local

    The NFL season has just started up again - which means Sundays are about to get a whole lot more exciting!... Read more

  • The Beauty of Stained Glass

    If you are looking for a fun and unique museum experience without spending a lot of money, you should definitely check out the Driehaus Gallery of Stained Glass.... Read more

  • Adler After Dark

    If you are looking for the perfect date night or even just a chance to take an amazing view of the Chicago skyline at night, then the Adler after Dark promotion at the Adler Planetarium is the perfect place for you.... Read more

  • Explore the Friendly Confines

    The Cubs seem to be just about everywhere this summer as they attempt to break a 100 plus year curse and win a World Series. So what better time than now to take a behind the scenes tour of historic Wrigley Field?... Read more

  • Adults Nights at Lincoln Park Zoo

    As summer approaches and the temperature rises, we are approaching the perfect time to spend the evenings outdoors, maybe even with an adult beverage or two. On June 2, July 21, and September 8, 2016, the Lincoln Park Zoo will be hosting Adults Night Out from 6:30-10:00 PM. ... Read more

  • Interning in Chicago

    Ready for your Chicago summer internship? You have chosen a great city to discover your passion and get real world experience. ... Read more

  • Maple Syrup Festival

    Maple syrup...you love it on your pancakes and your chicken and waffles, but do you know about the maple syrup-making process? We don’t either! That’s why we will be joining you at Chicago’s Maple Syrup Festival, happening Saturday March 19th through Sunday March 20th, 10am – 3pm. ... Read more

  • Winter's Last Hurrah!

    Say goodbye to winter in Chicago with one last free hurrah at the eleventh annual Polar Adventure Day at Northerly Island, February 20th 12pm – 4pm. Dress warmly and head south to ironically named Northerly Island, just twenty minutes from Chicago Getaway Hostel. ... Read more

  • In the Spirit of St. Patty's

    People might think that Boston has the market cornered on St. Patrick’s Day, but here in Chicago, we take everyone’s favorite Irish holiday to a whole new level! St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17th, but this year, visitors can enjoy the massive downtown St. Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday, March 12th, which begins with the dyeing of the Chicago River.... Read more

  • Springing Forward

    We know that spring feels like a long way off right now, but it’ll be here before you know it and we’re already crazy excited for everything that will be going in Chicago and here at Chicago Getaway that we just have to tell you now! ... Read more

  • A Chicago Classic

    A trip to Chicago isn't complete without visiting the legendary Art Institute of Chicago. The second largest art museum in the country, it offers more than two-hundred and fifty thousand works of art, including famous paintings like "American Gothic" by Grant Wood and "Stack of Wheat" by Claude Monet, making it easy for this to be an all-day activity.... Read more

  • Creepy Crawl

    Halloween is nearly here and if you're ready to get spooky, we're here to help. We recommend guests check out the Nightmare on Hubbard Street 4th annual costume bar crawl.... Read more

  • Lions, Tigers, and Red Pandas, Oh My!

    There aren't too many zoos in the US more well-known than Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo. Located less than a mile from the Chicago Getaway Hostel, it's one of the country's last free admission zoos. ... Read more

  • Get Your Money's Worth

    Want to see the best of Chicago without breaking the bank? We recommend Free Tours by Foot, who offer their walking tours of Chicago free of charge, encouraging visitors to pay what they feel the tour was worth at the end of it, encouraging guides to give their best on every tour. ... Read more

  • Best View in Town

    If a fear of heights isn't an issue for you, then there's no better view of the incredible Chicago skyline than Chicago 360, located on the 94th floor of the John Hancock building, less than ten minutes from Chicago Getaway Hostel.... Read more

  • Say Hi to Sue

    Chicago is home to an array of different museums sure to satisfy the hardcore museum enthusiast, including the Field Museum of Natural History, home to Sue, the largest and most complete T-Rex skeleton ever discovered.... Read more

  • The Open Road Is Calling

    Sure, it's usually bumper-to-bumper but, for one day a year, Chicago's beautiful Lake Shore Drive is free of cars and open only to bicycles. And that day is fast approaching. Mark your calendar for Bike The Drive on Sunday morning, May 24 and tune up your old ten-speed for a chance to pedal along this popular thoroughfare from Bryn Mawr Avenue to 57th Street. ... Read more

  • Meet and Greet

    Want to see the Windy City through the eyes of an insider? Connect with the friendly folks at Chicago Greeter, who will match you with a friendly, knowledgeable and city-wise... Read more

  • Pilsen Chicago

    Colorful and unique- Pilsen proves its originality through its vibrant presence and lightens any traveler's itinerary for getting to know a distinct Chicago neighborhood. Pilsen is a largely hispanic, predominantly... Read more

  • 12 Things You Must Do in Chicago for Spring Break

    The sun is out, and the ice melts and Chicago thaws out, our city becomes a traveler's vibrant playground once again. From March Madness to brewery tours, here's a comprehensive... Read more

  • Lincoln Square Chicago

    Food & Drink The northside's charming and eclectic neighborhood: Lincoln Square proves to be a sort of getaway with it's distinctive relaxing charm in contrast to the hustle of other Chicago... Read more

  • Coziest Bars in Chicago

    By Erica Wiethorn During the unbearably cold Chicago winters, sometimes it takes a lot of motivation to venture outside. But when cabin fever starts to set in, it's best to... Read more

  • Spring Break in Chicago

    School is out and the sun is shining on Chicago, For your Spring Break- break for Chicago... Read more

  • Travel to Montreal

    I recently spent my spring/summer in Montreal, and after my first weekend in town, I was really surprised how little I had ever heard about what a fun and interesting... Read more

  • Travel To Indianapolis, Indiana

    Commonly referred to as "Naptown," Indianapolis has recently awoken from its sleepy slumber to a bustling city of fun. Just three hours south of Chicago, and a fairly easy drive,... Read more

  • Travel to Madison Wisconsin

    Just 3 hours from Chicago, Madison is the capital of Wisconsin. The city is a vibrant college town, full of engaged people and plenty to do! University of Wisconsin, home... Read more

  • Cheap Ways for Chicago Travel

    Benefit from travel alternatives that ease your budget, and allow you to spend money on seeing new sitesâ?¦. -TRAIN TRAVEL- Train travel can be both affordable & exciting; allowing you to travel... Read more

  • Travel to Detroit

    Detroit definitely has a reputation for being vacant, dangerous, and bankrupt city. Growing up there as a child, my family and I only went downtown if we had a specific... Read more

  • Andersonville Chicago

    Today we are featuring one of Chicago's magnificent northside neighborhoods- Andersonville. A Swedish influenced flavorful community boasting one-of-a-kind bars, restaurants, cafes and independent shops. Whether your looking for entertainment, coffee,... Read more

  • Chicago's Best Brunch Spots

    Salt & Pepper Diner- Wrigleyville... Read more

  • Best Brunch in Chicago

    We love fielding the question of recommendations for best brunch in Chicago to hungry travelers. We've devised a list of our favorite spots for breakfast, early lunches, bloody marys, edible... Read more

  • Autumn Events 2014 at Chicago Getaway Hostel

    Weekly Events in Fall 2014 Welcome to Chicago, the leaves are changing colors and a sweater is a useful item to pack on your trip here, and when you arrive- be... Read more

  • David Bowie at MCA

    I recently went to the David Bowie exhibit at Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art, here is what I gathered from this wildly popular engagement: First off, for such a popular and... Read more

  • Do Chicago Without Breaking the Bank

    Do Chicago Without Breaking the Bank   When you're traveling on a shoestring, every penny counts - especially in a big city like Chicago. Luckily, you can take it all... Read more

  • Oktoberfest in Chicago

    Welcome to Chicago's Fall season. A time when leaves are changing colors, light sweaters are great travel accessories, and the city is booming with festive Oktoberfest events, here are some... Read more

  • Top 17 Things You Must Do In Chicago This Summer

    Originally posted by Damien Slater The Windy City is a hotbed for tourism, culture, cuisine and of course Irish students in the summer. Located on the south-west side of the... Read more

  • Eat Chic Chicago's Healthy Recipes for Travelers

    Hot dogs, peanut butter, ramen â?" if these items are all on your grocery list, you might not have the healthiest eating habits. If these items were the ingredients of... Read more

  • Best 24 Hour Restaurants in Chicago

    Let's face it, sleep schedules take a backseat when you travel, if you find yourself with late night hunger pangs, make a stop at one of the best 24 hour... Read more

  • Chicago Tours with Chicago Detours

    Tour Chicago with the Best Chicago tours can be a bit of a hassle due to the amount of different companies, range of things to see, and various types of tours-... Read more

  • Summer Events at Chicago Getaway Hostel

    Join us for some terrific summer events we host every night of the week. We host blues bar outings, theater events, free BBQs, and pub crawls so our guests can... Read more

  • Go Girl Travel Network in Chicago

    We are thrilled to announce the upcoming event we are hosting for Go Girl Travel Network. Learn to make the most of your travel money with this exciting panel and... Read more

  • Art Museums in Chicago

    We've compiled a list of highly recommended art museums in Chicago along with their current exhibitions that are showing for a limited time.... Read more

  • Comedy Clubs in Chicago

    Whether it's a large venue or independent theater, Chicago has forged quite the reputation when it comes to laughs. Starting with the iconic Second City, it's no wonder our city... Read more

  • Local Shops in Chicago

    As a traveler looking to experience great food, shopping and art scenes, we have some flavorful local recommendations for you. These local shops are easily top Chicago favorites, and will... Read more

  • Sushi Restaurants in Chicago

    Looking for some sushi restaurants in Chicago? We have some tips to catch the best fresh rolls, sashimi, maki, and tempura in the Midwest for your buck. Throw... Read more

  • Irish Pubs in Chicago

    Honoring the festivities of March and the popular St. Patrick's Day holiday, we have compiled our list of Irish pubs in Chicago. There is a-plenty of Ireland-inspired bars, lounges, and... Read more

  • Brewery Tours in Chicago

    Microbreweries are spreading across the United States at a significant rate. Chicago is known for its wonderful variety of craft beer. Its always fun to pick out a flashy craft... Read more

  • Fast and Easy Ramen Noodle Recipes

    Traveling on a budget? Tired of takeout? A few years ago we did a ramen noodle recipes post. Now, we're back with some new entrees to curb your appetite in... Read more

  • Hot Winter Drinks in Chicago

    Traveling to Chicago soon? Well, we have a late winter suggestion for you. Get some warmth from these seasonal concoctions around Chicago to heat your insides with warm and fuzzy... Read more

  • Vegetarian Restaurants in Chicago

    After recognizing pizza and hot dogs and burgers, we need to recommend Chicago's vegetarian scene. These restaurants may cut the meat, but the taste is so flavorful that meatless... Read more

  • Navigating Chicago's Airports

    Airport travel can be a tedious endeavor with potential delays, commuting options, layovers, all within an airport that nearly resembles a city in itself. We're here to provide you with... Read more

  • St. Patrick's Day in Chicago

    Welcome to the best city for celebrating St. Patrick's Day festivities. On Saturday March 15th, Chicago showcases river dyeing, the annual parade, and a near infinite amount of pub and... Read more

  • Valentine's Day in Chicago

    Capture the evening of Valentine's Day in Chicago. We have some tips whether you're looking for a lively singles night or a quiet couple's dinner. Here are some suggestions on... Read more

  • Best Burgers in Chicago

    Already tried our famous pizza? Tackled the toppings of our signature hot dogs? Then you're ready to move on to the best burgers in Chicago. Leaning on its long-ago... Read more

  • Super Bowl XLVIII Party

    Super Bowl Party at Chicago Getaway Hostel Join us for our annual Super Bowl Party for an American tradition on Sunday February 2nd, 5:30 pm. Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos We'll provide Free... Read more

  • Extended Stay in Chicago

    Any prospective guests who are looking for an extended stay in Chicago are looking for comfort, security, convenience, and excellent amenities while avoiding expensive leases. Our boutique hostel should top... Read more

  • Group Reservations in Chicago

    We welcome your group to our award winning hostel! For group reservations in Chicago, look no further than Chicago Getaway Hostel. We'd be happy to host your group at our historic... Read more

  • Lesser Known Chicago Attractions

    Take a trip off the beaten path of familiar Chicago travel sites and discover these wonderful lesser known Chicago attractions. For this installment, we'll focus on the wonderful, eclectic museums... Read more

  • 5 Best Chicago Cocktail Bars

    Need to warm up? Want to drink to a bit of jazz or mellow out along the dimly lit walls of an old fashioned speakeasy? Look no further than these... Read more

  • 5 of the Best Chicago Comfort Foods

    Everyone knows about Chicago's deep-dish pizza and hot dog. With the snow piling up in the heart of winter, we need some more Chicago comfort foods to stretch across the... Read more

  • New Year's Eve Party 2014

    Where will you be December 31st? The correct answer is at your favorite Chicago hostel bringing in the New Year at our annual New Year's Party! A $10 admission will... Read more

  • Doughnut Shops in Chicago

    The doughnut craze has been sweeping Chicago, here's are top picks for fried or baked deliciousness... Doughnut Vault. The Doughnut Vault puts out batches of vanilla glazed, chestnut, buttermilk old-fashioned and other... Read more

  • Christmas Dinner 2013

    We're serving up another delicious holiday feast! Our Christmas dinner includes: Traditional Ham. Hot Stuffing. Fresh Corn. Dinner Rolls. Pumpkin Pie. *Dinner is at 5pm on Christmas Day (December 25th) in our cafeteria. The meal is $10... Read more

  • Discount Tickets for Chicago Attractions

    Winter is a great time to take advantage of our great deals on famous attractions, all tickets are available right at our front desk, anytime! Art Institute of Chicago. Modern Wing. Purchase a... Read more

  • Winter Events at Chicago Getaway Hostel

    As we gear up for our winter season in Chicago, we are still keeping busy with events for you, everyday. MONDAY. Mondays are night is Blues Bar Night at historic Kingston Mines.... Read more

  • Thanksgiving Dinner 2013

    Celebrate the tradition with us, this Thursday, November 28th at 4pm for $10.00. We will provide all the dishes to stuff you like a turkey! Delicious Dishes Include the Following: TURKEY MASHED... Read more

  • Fall Colors in Chicago

    Here's some spots to check out the Autumn colors around Chicago... Lincoln Park. Our hostel's prized neighborhood park is Chicago's largest park that contains plenty of fall foliage, including red maple, ash,... Read more

  • Best Brunch in Chicago

    Where can I get a good Chicago breakfast? We get that question a lot. We've compiled our favorite responses for seeking out the tastiest brunch creations. *Bite Café. 2 words: Pork... Read more

  • Halloween in Chicago 2013

    Here's a few holiday ideas for your Chicago Itinerary.... *Join us for our traditional events!* Our annual Pumpkin Carving is on Oct. 25th at 6pm in our cafeteria. We'll provide the pumpkins... Read more

  • Unique Bars Chicago

    Take a quick trip to some of these really cool bars, pubs, and lounges that offer a unique nightlife experience... *Headquarters Beercade* Pinball, old school & new school arcade games, and a... Read more

  • Independent Shops in Chicago

    Let's stray off the beaten path and discover some unique stores to check out that are generally off the traveler's itinerary, from bookstores to vintage shops, we got you covered... Reckless... Read more

  • Best BYOB Restaurants in Chicago

    *If you need a place to grab some delicious food and would like to bring along your favorite spirits, look no further than these BYOB restaurants... 5411 Empanadas! From stellar food truck... Read more

  • Recommended Chicago Tours

    Being one of the largest cities in the Western Hemisphere, Chicago boasts a lot of different tours. We are breaking them down and choosing the one's that will enhance... Read more

  • The Art Institute of Chicago

    The 2nd largest art museum in the United States, The Art Institute of Chicago offers more than 5,000 years of human expression from cultures around the world and contains more... Read more

  • Original Products of Chicago

    You already know Chicago is famous for a lot of things: Pizza, the Blackhawks, Hot Dogs, Skyscrapers, but there are some historic products of Chicago that you may not have... Read more

  • Cheap Eats in Lincoln Park

    Yet another reason our neighborhood of Lincoln Park is extremely traveler friendly: we have some excellent, yet affordable restaurant options.... Edzo's. Craving a burger or some pre-pub grub? Make Edzo's Burger Shop... Read more

  • Great Outdoor Patios in Chicago

    Let's embrace the city sun this summer & have some delicious food and drinks at these great patios: BIG STAR. BIG STAR TAQUERIA  In the heart of Wicker Park, Big Star serves some... Read more

  • How to Make a Chicago Hot Dog

    There's quite a few excellent restaurants to grab a great Chicago dog, but it is also very easy to make yourself. The ingredients are easy, and the assembly is a... Read more

  • 4th of July in Chicago

    Take advantage of your Fourth of July travels as our city lights up your evening.... Fireworks at Navy Pier There are quite a few different options for enjoying the holiday festivities, we... Read more

  • Discounted Tickets for Chicago Attractions

    Take advantage of all our special offers...   Art Institute. Art Institute of Chicago tickets are available at our front desk for the low price of $21.00 (regular price: $23). This is an... Read more

  • From Sweet to Savory: Chicago's Best Pancakes.

    The perfect breakfast food meets the best city in the Midwest. Seek out the top Pancake... Pannenkoeken Café Try Pannenkoeken Café! This Dutch style café is tiny and you may have to... Read more

  • Best Chicago Desserts

    Have a sweet tooth in Chicago? Check out any of these spots for the best doughnuts, cakes, pies, ice cream! **Construct your dessert crawl from delicious ice cream in Lakeview... Read more

  • Hostel Events Summer 2013

    Take advantage of our weekly events to accentuate your Chicago experience... MONDAY. *Monday Night Blues Bar Outing...follow us to the northside blues mecca, Kingston Mines, we will get you in for FREE... Read more

  • Photography Tips

    Chicago is a photogenic city. Here are some ideas for really capturing the aesthetics of a unique environment... [caption id="attachment_1782" align="aligncenter" width="375"] Signature Room (photo by guest)[/caption] 1. Think: person, place,... Read more

  • Chicago Breweries Revisited

    Chicago Craft Beers. As more & more microbreweries sprout up in Chicago, we are back to help you choose the best ones. They generally offer tours, samples, taste tests, and souvenirs;... Read more

  • Bike Chicago!

    why should you bike Chicago? - a beautiful 18 mile lakefront path. -Chicago is ranked in the top 10 in Best American Cities for Cycling. -we have brand new bikes for rent at... Read more

  • Instagram

    http://instagram.com/p/X362hAreBa/ [simply_instagram endpoints="users" type="recent-media" size="standard_resolution" display="12"]... Read more

  • Chicago Style Foods

    Taste the famous cuisine of our city at any of these highly recommended joints... Chicago Doghouse. 1. Hot Dog! There are some great options for encased meats and the famous Chicago Style... Read more

  • Chicago Baseball

    It's April, and we are headed in to our baseball season. Check out the historic atmosphere of Wrigley Field, just a 25 minute walk/ 10 minute train or bus ride... Read more

  • Chicago's Best Sandwich Shops

    **CHICAGO IS BE TAKEN OVER BY SANDWICHES. DELICIOUS SANDWICHES.** Jerry's Sandwiches  1. Jerry's Sandwiches: 1938 W Division St, go for the decadent sandwiches, stay for live music & a solid beer list.... Read more

  • Summer Music Festivals in Chicago

    ***Now's the time to book your tickets & your rooms for live music outdoor summer fun...*** July 19th-21st. Behold, the best compilation of live household names & indie/DIY music perfomed in a... Read more

  • Discounted Tickets

    -Stop by are front desk anytime, and take advantage of our cheap ticket prices: *Art Institute of Chicago. See the Art Institute of Chicago with an all-inclusive pass for only $23. This... Read more

  • Best Winter Bars in Chicago

    **Warm up with some food & spirits at any of these cozy Chicago taverns.... Simon's of Andersonville In a neighborhood to the north, lies a comfortable watering hole called Simon's. Not only... Read more

  • St. Patrick's Day Chicago

    St. Patrick's Day Chicago 2013. On March 17th, all guests of the hostel are invited to meet in the lobby at 8am as we go see the river dyed green and... Read more

  • Cool Coffeehouses in Chicago

    Looking for an original place to grab a cup of great coffee, and take in the Chicago atmosphere? Look no further than any of these quirky cafes.... The Wormhole. Wicker Park's strange... Read more

  • Cheap Ways to Travel to Chicago.

    Benefit from travel alternatives that ease your budget, and allow you to spend money on seeing new sites.... -TRAIN TRAVEL- Train travel can be both affordable & exciting; allowing you to travel... Read more

  • Essential Chicago Theater

    It is no secret that Chicago is rich & excellent with theatre venues, production, & acting, visit one while you are here.... Steppenwolf A Steppenwolf Production.[/caption] Home to many great actors like... Read more

  • Chicago's Best Jazz Clubs

    Chicago & Jazz music are both historically enjoyable, put them together & you have the makings of a memorable evening. Plan on hitting up any of these great clubs... Green Mill... Read more

  • Chicago Hot Dogs.

    Chicago has quite a few trademark foods. We are here to inform you of some delicious encased meats, try any of these outstanding options for hot dogs. Chicago Dog House. Chicago Dog... Read more

  • Chicago Architecture

    Experience the unique urban setting Chicago offers its visitors. Architecture enthusiast or not, you will be enthralled by the city's vast construct.... Frank Lloyd Wright in Chicago Frank Lloyd Wright's influence is... Read more

  • Chicago Pizza

    The legendary blend of thick crust, melted cheese, and gourmet sauce on top is displayed as one of many reasons Chicago is famous.....we give you pizza recommendations.... Lou Malnati's. One of the... Read more

  • Super Bowl Hostel Party 2013

    Super Bowl XLVII, anyone?? Watch the BIG GAME at our third annual Super Bowl Party, come watch the thrills, meet some fellow travelers, and take part in another epic battle for... Read more

  • Best Noodles in Chicago

    It's winter, let's warm our bellies with a comforting bowl of hot noodles from any of these places that craft housemade noodles: Urban Belly. Urban Belly. Sharing is fun, mix & match big... Read more

  • Chicago Dance Clubs

    Lace up your dancing shoes & hit up some of the best Chicago clubs our city has to offer... Smart Bar. Renovated and made nightlife worthy sleek in 2006, Wrigleyville's Smart Bar... Read more

  • Vegetarian Restaurants in Chicago

    Chicago knows burgers, hot dogs, pizza, but we also have some great spots that leave out the meat, here are our picks for vegetarian options... Karyns on Green. Hip decor meets vegan... Read more

  • Top 5 Cocktail Bars in Chicago

    Sure, drinking a few good beers is fun, but hit up one of these special spots for a masterfully made cocktail.... the violet hour. the violet hour You deserve a fancy cocktail. At... Read more

  • Booze & View in Chicago

    In the mood for a few cocktails along with a film or two? Check out these places that allow alcohol with a side of visual stimulation... Brew & View Vic Theater[/caption]... Read more

  • NYE Party 2013 at Chicago Getaway Hostel

    Get out your party shoes & bring in the New Year with us as we kick off our 2nd annual NYE Bash, Dec. 31st 9pm-1am... Meet. Dance. Celebrate. Details: ***DJ, Food, Drinks, Balloon... Read more

  • Chicago Restaurants Worth the Wait.

    Behold, these restaurants are notorious for line waiting & awkward moments standing near doorways, BUT these establishments are also prominently known for their most excellent dishes. Leave a little early... Read more

  • Chicago Independent Art.

    Need an original holiday gift idea? Curious about local urban art? Check some of these local artist run shops... Paperish Mess Sometimes messy is good. Paperish Mess displays a medley of locally... Read more

  • Student Stays at Chicago Getaway

    Affordability. Comfort. Location. Friendship. Some of the essential things you need in a second home. We provide all of the necessary amenities for your Chicago stay while you further your... Read more

  • 5 spots to drink coffee in Chicago.

    Whether you want a chill place to sit & sip delicious coffee, or bring back a great travel gift, here are some of the best cafes the Windy City has... Read more

  • Great Sushi in Chicago

    The capital of the Midwest packs a punch when it comes to sushi, enjoy the colors as we recommend some of our favorite places for maki, sashimi, & beautiful rolls... Kabuki... Read more

  • Award Winning Chicago Hostel

    Explore Chicago and use our hostel as your comfortable base of travel. Here are some reasons why you should stay with us: *Location* Location (Lincoln Park) With an admirable Walk Score of 97,... Read more

  • Smaller Museums in Chicago

    Learn. Discover. Explore. Chicago has numerous museums encompassing art, science, history and more. We offer the discounted CityPass for the larger museums & towers here by following this link. If... Read more

  • Halloween in Chicago

    We are on track to provide you with the makings of a great Halloween in Chicago: Haunted Tours. Urban legend, supernatural myth comes alive in this popular tour constructed by author Ursula... Read more

  • Chicago Hauntings

    Let's brace for Halloween, Chicago has a rich history of supernatural lore. Here are... Read more

  • Chicago Theater.

    Here are some recommendations for stage driven entertainment, comedy or drama, Chicago has a wide variety of theatrical shows & venues... SECOND CITY. Historic. Comedy. Iconic. Chicago. These words are synonymous with... Read more

  • Lincoln Park Restaurants

    We are in a most excellent Chicago neighborhood for dining. Whether you want a quick carry out, or a nice dining experience, try these... *Takeout.* Sultan's Market Middle Eastern fast food without the... Read more

  • Live Music Venues

    In the 3rd largest city in the U.S... sometimes smaller & cheaper is better for exploring live music venues, here is a list of our favorite little concert halls for... Read more

  • Chicago Beer

    Chicago is a big shoulder city known for its infamous gangsters, national sports teams, cultural foods, jazz, economic hardship, impressive architecture, and beer! The history behind beer spans across the... Read more

  • Chicago Beer

    Chicago has a lot of history that involves infamous gangsters, impressive architecture, national sports, cultural foods, and beer.... Read more

  • Chicago Jazz Music

    Behold, the 34th annual Jazz Festival kicking off Aug. 30th and running through Sept. 2nd... Chicago Jazz Fest circa 1979 As it began in 1979, with a tremendous turn out of... Read more

  • Asian Cuisine in Chicago

    Taste the flavor of Asian culture in Chicago cuisine. Whether its Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, or Thai, we have some wonderful recommendations for you. Tank Noodle has become quite the local... Read more

  • Baseball in Chicago

    We still have a good fraction of warm weather left in the Windy City, what better summer pastime than to catch a ball game? Northside pride. Experience the friendly confines of... Read more

  • Moving to Chicago

    Relocating to the Windy City? We have some tips for your itinerary... 1. Apartment searching. Sure, Craigslist can be helpful, but how about searching a more apartment-orientated site? Both Domu &... Read more

  • Chicago's Lakefront Path

    Behold the majestic lakefront path, an 18 mile stretch of parks, beaches, attractions, skyskrapers, and joggers & cyclists, just down the street from our hostel. Whether you use it for... Read more

  • Discount Tickets

    Stop by our front desk anytime and save on the best Chicago attractions. Visit the Willis Tower Skydeck & experience the unforgettable Ledge, at 1,353 feet in the air, the Ledge's... Read more

  • July Festivals in Chicago

    More warm weather, more urban outdoor extravagance... Get a taste of Chicago at The Taste of Chicago. The annual FREE fest of fests is back with a huge music lineup.... Read more

  • Notorious Chicago Restaurants

    The Weiner Circle is gaining more & more notoreity as we speak. Go for the grub, stay for the show...it's no more than a 10 minute walk from our front... Read more

  • Pitchfork Music Festival 2012

    Hey music enthusiasts, the colossal annual indy festival: Pitchfork is nearly upon us, check us out for some of the lowest rates & best atmospheres for Chicago festival accommodations book... Read more

  • Best Chicago BBQ

    Behold Chicago's great BBQ joints, the sunshine is here, get a delicously flavorful experience at any of these highly recommended locations: Chicago Q offers a great fusion of Southern hospitality &... Read more

  • Chicago Festivals in June

    Take a trip to Chicago & visit any of these popular festivals... Grant Park hosts the FREE 29th Annual Chicago Blues Festival. The festival kicks off Friday June 8th at 11am... Read more

  • Chicago Outdoors

    Whether it's a festival, music event, market or park, our city captivates travelers in the Spring/Summer months... Free Music Mondays is back. The infamous downtown sound project kicks off May 28th... Read more

  • Discounts on Chicago Attractions

    Chicago Getaway Hostel has more excellent discounts on major Chicago attractions for you, available at our front desk anytime! The SkyDeck The Sky Deck @ Willis Tower=$14.00 (normally $17.50, save 20%) John Hancock... Read more

  • Secondy City Discounts!

    **Discounted Performances For Guests of The Chicago Getaway Hostel** *The Second City Training Center offers a weekly dose of fresh talent every weekend. Top Notch actors/Conservatory graduates give rise to... Read more

  • Chicago Comedy Clubs.

    laugh (definition): (verb) to express mirth, pleasure, derision, or nervousness with an audible, vocal expulsion of air from the lungs that can range from a loud burst of sound to a... Read more

  • Chicago Facts

    1. In 1900 Chicago successfully completed a massive and highly innovative engineering project- reversing the flow of the Chicago River so that it emptied into the Mississippi River instead... Read more

  • Best Chicago Parks

    Amidst the skyscrapers, shops, eateries, & entertainment venues, Chicago has some beautiful park areas, check some of these out... OZ PARK Behold, a charming park modeled after The Wizard of Oz, consisting... Read more

  • Chicago Music Festivals

    In need of cheap, accessible, social, yet modern accommodations in light of the upcoming music fests? Book with us for any of these upcoming events...  Yep, the ultimate indie fest in... Read more

  • Great Chicago Tours

    Whether you want to walk, take a boat, or experience a thematic bus ride, these tours come highly recommended... FOOD TOURS: Tease your taste buds with the Chicago Food Planet & their... Read more

  • Spring Events in Chicago

    The warm weather is already sinking in, we're geared up for Spring, you should to, as we preview these upcoming events.... Mayfest! Get ready for Germany in Chicago kicking off May 31st-June... Read more

  • Lincoln Park Nightlife

    We know Chicago's downtown area has some must-see attractions during the daytime, but it is a business district & it does hold the stigma of shutting down quite early. ... Read more

  • Cheap Ethnic Dining in Chicago

    Chicago is the diverse dining capital of the U.S., so many ethnicities, so many inexpensive & delicious restaurants.... Spanish dining is too much fun. At Cafe Iberico, the tapas is cost-efficient,... Read more

  • Chicago's Best Breakfast

    Looking for a delicious & wholesome morning meal? We get asked a lot. You never know where the night will take you, but come morning, you can bank on these... Read more

  • Saving Money When Traveling

    You are practical with your $$$, you are already booking with our affordable hostel. Here are a few additional money saving tips amidst your travels.... 1. Check out groupon.com. This site... Read more

  • Chicago CityPASS

    It's winter. What better way to explore Chicago than the wonderful indoor attractions offered through a splendid discount with Chicago' CityPASS. We have it right here at our front desk... Read more

  • Top Ranked Hostel Worldwide

      We would like to take this moment to thank all of our past, present, and future guests for their wonderful support as we were recently ranked #4 WORLDWIDE as Best... Read more

  • Great Sports Pubs in Chicago

    Bask in the revelry of your favorite team & see why this pub always seems to make the Best Football Bar Lists of North America. The highly-rated Globe Pub has... Read more

  • Super Bowl XLVI Party

    Join us for our annual Super Bowl Party. Sunday, February 5th at 5pm Enjoy FREE food while watching the BIGGEST game of the year, right here in the comfort of our... Read more

  • Bowling, Billiards, & Fun in Chicago

    Let's go bowling. The hostel is within walking distance from both Seven Ten Lounge & Southport Lanes. Both alleys use an old school approach to the sport, with Southport Lanes... Read more

  • Chicago...The Brew City!

    Beer, it's here. . . We're here to put the myth of terrible AMERICAN beer to rest. Chicago offers many great home-grown breweries and best off all, they're all over the... Read more

  • Tasty Chicago Bakeries

    Subdue your sweet tooth with some savory baked items, delicious comfort foods, & decadent travel treats.... Bleeding Heart Bakery: 1955 W Belmont Ave. Boasted as local, sustainable, & punk rock, this... Read more

  • Movie Theaters in Chicago

    Dear Traveller, the Chicago winter is now fully upon us, despite the multitude of exciting attractions, one may want to catch a movie while in town, here are a few... Read more

  • Best Tacos in Chicago

    Welcome to Chicago. You've heard about our pizza & hot dogs, but Chicago is also a delicious haven for tacos, whether you want them authentic or with original flare, check... Read more

  • Best Record Stores in Chicago.

    Whether or not you're a collector of vinyl, most of these shops sell all types of music, movies, & entertainment at great prices, all of them are fun to browse... Read more

  • Chicago Restaurant Week

    More than 200 restaurants come together to bring you 10 days of pure dining pleasure. Whether you want to revisit your favorite haunts or scope out new hot spots,... Read more

  • Chicago Auto Show

    The World's Largest Auto Show is Rolling In.... With nearly 1,000 vehicles on display, the Chicago Auto Show is the largest auto show in North America. Here's what you'll find on... Read more

  • Unique Dining in Chicago.

    Check out one of these unparalleled places to eat for a memorable sit-down dining experience in a delightfully unique setting... Let's get ethnic. It's no wonder Hema's Kitchen is so high-ranked... Read more

  • Christmas Day in Chicago

    Looking for something to do on the 25th while staying w/ us? Here are a few festive options.... Millennium Park. Our beloved urban park is open for holiday strolls, memorable pics, &... Read more

  • New Year's Eve Party

    Bring in 2012 with us at the best hostel party in Chicago... 2012 is coming & so is our New Year's Eve Hostel Bash. We're selling bracelets for a night of... Read more

  • Holiday Hostel Events

    If you happen to find yourself here for the holidays, join us in our spectacular holiday events.... Let's enjoy the winter holidays good & proper with some terrific dinners, parties, &... Read more

  • Winter 2011 Hostel Events

    Introducing Millenium Park/Christkindlmarket Expeditions... Every Sunday, join us in the lobby at 12pm as we head downtown to browse the seasonal Christkindlmarket and partake in the majestic Millenium Park Ice Skating... Read more

  • Chicago Sports.

    Greetings sports fans in Chicago. As the NBA announces that the delayed season will finally get started on December 25th, we will be anxiously awaiting the regular season schedule... Wow...but we... Read more

  • Places to Eat in Lincoln Park

    Welcome to our neighborhood. It is one of the best neighborhoods to indulge in delicious Chicago cuisine. Here are a few of our personal recommendations.... DEL SEOUL. This new place... Read more

  • Winter Festivities in Chicago

    Come see why we were voted #1 on Hostelworld.com for the month of October. In addition, Take advantage of these great events.... ZOOLIGHTS! Lincoln Park Zoo Zoolights is back & brighter than... Read more

  • Ice Skating at Millennium Park

    Enjoy Chicago's Winter Wonderland with Ice Skating at Millennium Park. Check out all of the details below! Title: Ice Skating at Millennium Park Location: Millennium Park Chicago Link out: Click here Description: Kicking off... Read more

  • Skating in the Sky

    Title: Skating in the SkyLocation: John Hancock ObservatoryLink out: Click hereDescription: "Ice"-skating in short sleeves? More than 1,000 feet in the air? With bird's-eye views of Lake Michigan? It's not... Read more

  • Genghis Khan

    Title: Genghis KhanLocation: The Field MuseumLink out: Click hereDescription: Learn the story of  his life, his land, his people, his culture and his enduring legacy. Famous as a ruthless Mongol... Read more

  • Thanksgiving in Chicago

    Thanksgiving in Chicago is a wonderful time of year with lot's to do. There are advantages to being in a major metropolitan area on a holiday, in the suburban areas... Read more

  • Fall/Winter Student Housing

    Looking for Winter Student Housing? Look no further! **These special student rates are available from October through March** Coming to Chicago to study and need an inexpensive, comfortable, youthful, and vibrant place... Read more

  • Exploring Oak Park

    Fans of architecture should rejoice, Oak Park is a neighborhood that blossoms with distinctive aesthetic structures, mainly because Frank Lloyd Wright left a sizeable mark on this Chicago neighborhood. Between... Read more

  • Exploring Lakeview

    As we continue to explore the concept of Chicago as a city of neighborhoods, we must mention Lakeview, a neighborhood positively packed with entertainment. Whether you want food, drinks, shopping,... Read more

  • Exploring Lincoln Square

    On the subject of discovering some very cool neighborhoods, one must explore the distinct shops, restaurants, and parks of beautiful Lincoln Square. Cafe Sel Marie is located in the central hub... Read more

  • Exploring Hyde Park

    It's no wonder a lot of travellers set their sights on this south side neighborhood... Enjoy the exhibits of the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere. Whether it's a stroll... Read more

  • October Events in Chicago

    Autumn is a beautiful & ideal time to visit Chicago. Here's some reasons why.... The lakefront path is a picturesque playground you should be a part of this fall, whether... Read more

  • Chicago Tours

    Explore Chicago with a hop on/hop off trolley tour. You are free to get on & off the bus during its 13 mile route to eat, shop, & see all... Read more

  • Alternative Things To Do In Chicago

    Here's some alternative ideas off the tourist's radar... Agility. Speed. Strength.  None of these qualities will be of any use in the highly-competitive world of WhirlyBall. Although it combines lacrosse, hockey... Read more

  • Weekly Social Events at The Getaway

    Come experience an integral part of being a great hostel...partake in our social events & have a blast with us... LIVE MUSIC MONDAYS: [caption id="attachment_2017" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Blues Bar Outing"][/caption] ... Read more

  • Cheap Eats in Chicago

    Check out some of these inexpensive eateries to nourish your belly on your travels....  Stop off at Big Star & visit their patio area for some delicious beer & tacos stuffed... Read more

  • Chicago Breweries

    Chicago has become quite the mecca for breweries. Here's a few you may want to check out... Metropolitan Brewery is a great independent company that works hard at producing... Read more

  • Live Music in Chicago 101

    Welcome to a perfect city for LIVE MUSIC, whether you're in the market for a small & intimate venue OR a sprawling outdoor fest, you've touched down on the right... Read more

  • The Chicago Lakefront

    As we are within walking distance to the lake, this summer is the season where you need to be LAKESIDE, whether at a beach, on the bike/running path....or how about... Read more

  • Summer Dancing in Chicago

    Pack up your dancing shoes and take advantage of this FREE event. Chicago SummerDance 2011 is taking over Grant Park.... here's the info: *Every Thursday through Sunday from July... Read more

  • Chicago Speakeasies

    Here's a few most historically excellent bars, pubs, taverns, and lounges to quench your summer-stricken thirst...  "Operated as a speakeasy in the last year of prohibition, 1933, and was one of... Read more

  • Cheap Things to Do in July

    Mid-summer events are the best...we're keeping you informed for the month of July... Rent a hostel bike and take a ride to the Tour De Fat, a free festival that celebrates... Read more

  • Paul McCartney at Wrigley Field

    Guess who's coming to Wrigleyville, Chicago? In his first Chicago concert since 2005, Sir McCartney headlines Wrigley on July 31st/Aug. 1st. Book your cheap accommodations with Chicago Getaway as we are... Read more

  • Crosstown Classic 2011

    Chicago Cubs vs. Chicago White Sox don't miss the rivalry & action of the infamous Crosstown Classic. Tickets start around $35.oo & the games @ U.S. Cellular Field are June... Read more

  • Chicago Festivals in June

    Summer is upon us and Chicago is the place to be, here are some popular fests to experience this month... Green City Music Fest is coming on the popular weekend of... Read more

  • Lincoln Park After Dark Tour

    Title: Lincoln Park After Dark TourLocation: Chicago Getaway HostelLink out: Click hereDescription: $10 FOR HOSTEL GUESTS -->NORMALLY $22 Overview Lincoln Park has many different areas of interest: the lakefront, Lincoln Park Zoo,... Read more

  • Chicago Beaches Revisited

    Beach season has finally bestowed itself upon our city once again, take advantage of these great locations... North Ave. Beach is one of the city's most popular sunny summer spots. This... Read more

  • Free Music Mondays in Chicago

    Mondays. Millenium Park. Downtown Sound. Great lineups. All summer long. Bring a blanket & a bottle of wine & maybe some snacks too. The weather is beautiful, and you should... Read more

  • Best Chicago Hot Dogs

    Whether you're in the market for a Chicago-style dog (pickles, sport peppers, mustard, onions, sweet relish & a dash of celery salt) or just a darn good hot dog, grab... Read more

  • Chicago Art Exploration

    Hey art enthusiasts, here's some real groovy art spots to visit while on your Chicago travels... The Museum of Contemporary Art is conveniently located right by The John Hancock Observatory at... Read more

  • Our Weekly Hostel Events

    Take advantage of our weekly hostel events that will surely illuminate your stay. Every Monday we have a FREE Blues Bar Outing to one of our historic neighborhood blues venues. Whether... Read more

  • Bike The Drive 2011

    Later this month, beautiful Lake Shore Drive is cleared of all cars for your pedaling pleasure... Bike The Drive 2011 happens May 29 & the drive closes early at 5:30am to... Read more

  • Downtown Chicago Exploration

    The weather is getting more pleasant, and there's always fun to be had in the downtown area... Navy Pier! Number one on many travel to-do lists, this is Chicago's lakefront playground.... Read more

  • Pitchfork Music Festival 2011

    July 15/16/17 Every year we provide our guests with affordable accommodations for Pitchfork Music Festival, this year is no different. Here's why you should book your room with us today: *Cheap... Read more

  • Bike Rentals at Chicago Getaway Hostel

    Biking season is upon us and we are in the BEST nieghborhood for cruising around. Why? Well, because we are a 5 minute ride to the beautiful lakefront bike path... Read more

  • Bike Rentals at Chicago Getaway Hostel

    *Bike rental fees: Half Day (3 hrs or less)- $20.00 Full Day (3 hrs or more)- $30.00 See why our neighborhood is the BEST for bicycling as we are just a 5 minute... Read more

  • Spring Events in Chicago

    Spring has sprung with some upcoming outdoor events... Want a taste of Germany? Mayfest delivers heaping servings of brats and beer and live music, it kicks off June 2nd in beautiful... Read more

  • Chicago Book Shops

    In need of some literature amisdt your travels? Look no further than these formidable book dealers... Bookworks is AWESOME. They have a great selection of used & new items including books,... Read more

  • Welcome to Our New Kitchen.

    Our new kitchen is beautiful and ready for action... We've got induction burners, massive counter space, new cookware & silverware, a dish-washing station, enormous industrial fridges , stainless-steel sinks, an ice... Read more

  • Lincoln Park Bar Crawling

    Our Chicago neighborhood has a ton of well-known & worthwhile pubs, taverns, lounges, and bars. Here are a few suggestions within walking distance of our hostel for your bar-hopping adventures:  Small... Read more

  • St. Patrick's Day 2011 Chicago

    Come stay at the Getaway Hostel on March 12th and enjoy the festive weekend of river dyeing, parade celebrations, and bar crawling to bring in 2011's St. Patrick's Day. March 12th... Read more

  • Chicago by way of Belgium

    Maarten Geinaert hails from Brugge, Belgium but chose Chicago Getaway Hostel as his lodging base for his U.S. travels. Thus far, he's having a great time, we sat down with... Read more

  • Coffee Shops in Lincoln Park

    The winter weather finally feels like it's breaking here in Chicago, good days to take a stroll and visit a cafe. The Noble Tree is located right around the corner from... Read more

  • Historic Gangster Sites in Chicago

    Chicago has a rich history of gangsters. Here at the Chicago Getaway Hostel, we know this and can recommend some really cool historic sites & tours.... The infamous Biograph Theater is... Read more

  • Blizzard Survival Tips

    !! BRACE YOURSELF !! Let us help you prepare . . . As you know Chicago is gearing up for a severe weather storm. 24" of snow are possible. . .... Read more

  • Pedway Tours Through Chicago Getaway Hostel!

    We have a tremendous deal for you. Chicago Pedway Tours are only $5.00 for our guests (regularly $15.00). We sat down with multi-talented improviser and tour guide extraodinaire,... Read more

  • Super Bowl XLV at the Hostel

    Mark your calendars for February 6th and watch THE BIG GAME with us at the Chicago Getaway Hostel. BYOB with free snacks and stuff. Kickoff is at 6:30pm, be here... Read more

  • Chicago Museums in Winter 2011

    So many museums, so many exhibits, and a whole lot of free days! Dinosaurs, Ancient Egypt, Lions of Tsavo...sound interesting? Visit The Field Museum for a trip that's always fun &... Read more

  • Upcoming Chicago Events

    Here's a few reasons why you should book your stay with Chicago Getaway Hostel for February, March, April, and May or just about every day... The largest North American auto event... Read more

  • Best Chicago Burgers

    You've heard about Chicago's famous pizza, but what about our award winning hamburgers? Check these places out for the best beef in a bun...  If you haven't heard of it, Kuma's... Read more

  • TNK Festival 2011 Chicago

    Here at the hostel we're psyched about the TNK Festival coming to Chicago January 12-16th at Lincoln Hall, Metro, and Schubas. A 5 day pass is $100 and includes an... Read more

  • New Year's Eve Chicago 2011

    Making plans for New Year's Eve? Make them with The Chicago Getaway Hostel, and find a party.... Here are a few suggestions for cheaper celebrations that will let you party for... Read more

  • Christmas- Chicago Getaway Style!

    Christmas Day Recommendations- hostel/style for Christmas Day- December 25, 2010 Food, what could be more important? Select Cut Steakhouse- (773) 244-1500 - Open from Noon-10pm, see their MENU Take #8 Halsted Bus from... Read more

  • Chicago Restaurant â?" Winter Reccomendations- hostel style!

    Mat Meadows (General Manager): * Mat picks Wilde. This is an Irish bar/restaurant located in Chicago's must-visit Lakeview neighborhood. He recommends their signature Mac-n-Cheese( don't forget the meatloaf too!), a very... Read more

  • Celebrating Winter in Chicago

    Coming to our beloved city in the winter season? Don't mind some cold temps, there is a beautiful side of Chicago to explore this season: Christkindlmarket anyone? An open-air market featuring... Read more

  • Cheap & Awesome Chicago Theater

    Here are just a few affordable, really cool,nice and warm theaters for you to visit this winter:  The Viaduct Theater is cool not just because it's literally located under a viaduct,... Read more

  • Chicago's Live Music Scene

    Get out of the cold and into one of these comfortable venues.... Just a short stroll from our hostel, Lincoln Hall is proving to be an excellent neighborhood addition. If you... Read more

  • Hungry and Bored on Thanksgiving? Check this out!

    We know that being away from family and friends on holidays can be somewhat depressing (or amazing!). We gotcha covered- hang on for a fun ride! Food: Horizon Cafe- They're open from... Read more

  • Great Chicago Neighborhoods

    We are a city of neighborhoods, and this makes our town a diverse and beautiful playground for travel. Here are just a few excellent locals to experience... Lakeview, home of The... Read more

  • November Events in Chicago's Autumn Season

    No, that building is not erupting in festive flames, this is just a small part of The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival. This event has been going on for over 40... Read more

  • Chicago Sports Tickets, Games, & More

    The sports season is upon us. Professional hockey and basketball seasons have respectfully started, players & fans are preparing for the exciting seasons. Grab your gear, get your tickets, and... Read more

  • Cool Places to Shop in Chicago

    When you're vacationing is it not inevitable to come home with a lot heavier of a suitcase than when you started? Well, here are some tips on where you can... Read more

  • Excellent Events at The Chicago Getaway Hostel

    The leaves have changed and Autumn has painted our city with its beautiful Fall colors. We invite you to come explore our magnificent town and take advantage of our weekly... Read more

  • Group Accommodations at The Chicago Getaway Hostel

    We got you covered if you are interested in group reservations. We provide excellent accommodations in a most beautiful Chicago neighborhood. We also provide free breakfast, free internet, and awesome... Read more

  • The Chicago CityPASS

    Coming to the city? The Chicago Getaway Hostel has some great discounts for guests. We just got an outstanding deal on CityPASS which we will be selling for $69.00 (adult... Read more

  • Good Places to Eat in Lincoln Park

    Welcome to our neighborhood, dear traveler. Looking for some excellent Northside food for cheap? We got you covered. Here are some of our hostel approved places that will satisfy your... Read more

  • Holiday Rates at The Chicago Getaway Hostel

    Who says you can't have winter fun in Chicago? From ice skating, concerts, sledding, a frosted skyline, drinks, Zoolights, Bulls games, The SkyDeck, Navy Pier- there's a bunch of Holiday... Read more

  • Chicago Marathon 2010

    On 10-10-10, The Chicago Marathon begins again. It is one of the 5 Major World Marathons. This 26.2 mile race includes 20 aid stations, a start location in beautiful Grant... Read more

  • Riot Fest 2010

    Achtung punk rock enthusiasts! The annual Riot Fest concert series will bestow its snarling, three-chord, beer-swilling, band-filled, moshing, crowd-surfing, glory upon our city once again. If you need... Read more

  • Things to do in Chicago September 2010

    Chicago is becoming big music fest central. We know you've heard of Pitchfork and Lallapalooza, but we'd like to introduce you to a new concert series, NorthCoast Music Festival. This... Read more

  • Chicago Beaches: Enjoy Them Today!

    Let's cool off. We love Chicago summers but sometimes the sun gets a little too fierce. Here are some spots to enjoy the lakefront... North Ave. Beach is loaded with fun... Read more

  • Summer Festivals in Chicago

    Wow. It's already July, but the good news is that we still have a ton of cool events for you. From food to live bands and airplanes, check these out: Mmmfood,... Read more

  • Chicago's Best Neighborhood

    Dear Traveler, we will let you in on a little secret. Part of why we are the best hostel in Chicago is because of our beautiful neighborhood, Lincoln Park. In... Read more

  • Fun & Unique Places to Eat in Chicago

    If you are traveling to Chicago any time soon, you will realize how truly diverse our city proves to be. What better way to celebrate these different cultures than with... Read more

  • Quick Q & A w/ a Guest.

    I recently sat down with returning guest and awesome guy, Scott Frankcombe for an informal interview. Scott's hometown is Sydney, Australia, but while in Chicago he plays with... Read more

  • Chicago's Bike The Drive 2010

    Some good things only happen once a year, and its time to experience this year's Bike The Drive. This event let's you & a bicycle take over historic Lake Shore... Read more

  • Chicago Getaway Hostel is the Best Hostel, here's why...

    Chicago Getaway Hostel is the best hostel in Chicago! Here are ten reasons why: Location - Lincoln Park is Chicago's best location to really get to know Chicago. Sure, there are... Read more

  • Festivals, Feasts, Fiestas & Fun in Chicago

    Wow. We are on the brink of a ton of festivals in Chicago. Its high time to give you the heads up on the fun to come, book your room... Read more

  • Next Stop: Wrigleyville, Chicago

    Looking for a Chicago landmark and an awesome experience? Look no further than historic Wrigley Field. Looking for diverse and entertaining nightlife? Look no further than the bar & club... Read more

  • Chicago Pride Parade 2010

    The 41st annual Pride Parade hits the streets on Sunday June 27th, 2010. This colorful celebration seems to evolve into a bigger, better, and more vivid ceremony each year. Join... Read more

  • Delightful Dive Bars Near Our Hostel

    If clubbing the night away or screaming loudly in sport's bars just ain't your thing, check out some local dive bars that just might have you addicted to a dimly-lit... Read more

  • Lollapalooza 2010 is Coming.

    And its coming sooner than we think. Our rooms are selling super fast, so if you need accomodations...make them quick. We are just a quick trip from the music. We had... Read more

  • The Great Chicago Outdoors

    Spring has sprung upon us & its time to celebrate our city in the sun. We've gathered a few options for you, dear traveller, and we think you will enjoy... Read more

  • Small Music Venues in Chicago That Deliver Big Sounds

    The Empty Bottle is a cozy little venue that offers an intimate experience for any music lover. Don't expect Lady Gaga, but do anticipate a diversity of cool stuff from... Read more

  • Reminder: Pitchfork Music Festival, Get your tickets & Stay with us.

    Its about time to give you guys the heads up on 2010's Pitchfork Music Festival in Union Park. Its not kicking off until July 16th, but the 3... Read more

  • Fast & Easy Ramen Noodle Recipes!

    My co-worker gave me a great idea for this post. It is evident that our guests love their Ramen Noodles. Once, we ran out of them in the vending machines... Read more

  • We Love Chicago's Food Scene.

    I'm hungry. Are you hungry? Let's eat... [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Kuma's Corner"][/caption] Kuma's Corner is a biker-type bar that serves up delicious burgers on pretzel buns, they've... Read more

  • Stimulate Your Fashion: Check out Chicago's Hippest Shops

    We will let you in on a few tips when it comes to shopping hip. Conveniently, these spots are located on the northside of our beautiful city, and most are... Read more

  • Off the Radar: Alternative Things to do in Chicago

    Have a cup at the Pick Me Up  This is a local favorite. They're open 24 hours on weekends and boast excellent coffee with free refills and amazing cheese fries. However,... Read more

  • Spring Break in Chicago

    Whether your break falls in early or late March, there's a trillion and ten things to do in Chicago. Instead of listing a trillion ideas for your Chicago excursion, here... Read more

  • Meet the Staff & Our Favorite Chicago Spots

    We love Chicago. You want to see Chicago. Let's meet and maybe our interests will give you some hip ideas on seeing our beautiful town. Also, this may give you... Read more

  • Gangsters, Ghosts, and Boats: Take a Chicago Tour Today

    You probably already know of Chicago's rich legacy of gangsters. However, if you're interested in knowing more on the extensive subject of infamous criminals, hop on the tour bus and... Read more

  • Finding Fun Photo Locations in Chicago

    You may know that Chicago is seeped in history, but you may not have known how photogenic Chicago proves to be. We encourage you to bring your camera and capture... Read more

  • Chicago's Gallery District

    In addition to Chicago's many art museums and public exhibits, the gallery district is a great place to view original, contemporary works by local and national artists.... Read more

  • Chicago Theatre All Around Us

     . The Chicago Theatre Movement took off in the 1970's and 1980's, and has continued to grow ever since. Today, the New York Times names Chicago as a city "with a... Read more

  • Chicago Getaway Hostel Has One of the Most "Walkable" Locations in the US

    The location of the Chicago Getaway Hostel could not be better! The website walkscore.com compares the location of the hostel with the rest of the US and gives the location... Read more

  • Chicago Getaway Hostel Is On Facebook

    // Are you coming to stay with us? Become a fan and stay up to date on hostel events. Have you already stayed with us? Become a fan and see... Read more

  • Chicago Deep Dish Pizza at Our Doorstep

    If you're in search of famous Chicago deep dish pizza, a brief walk from the hostel will take you there. Two of our city's favorite pizzerias, Gino's East and Lou... Read more

  • Eat & Drink Cheap Near Chicago Getaway Hostel

    If you do a little research, you can find some cheap food and drink in Chicago. There are many places within walking distance of the Chicago Getaway Hostel that offer... Read more

  • Power of One Solar Car Stops at Chicago Getaway Hostel

    The Power of One solar car recently made a pit stop at the Chicago Getaway Hostel. This is the first solar car to reach the Arctic Circle. Learn more about their... Read more

  • We Now Have Netbook Computers for Your Use

    Did you leave your laptop at home? The Chicago Getaway Hostel has one you can use for free! The Chicago Getaway Hostel is proud to announce that we have five... Read more

  • 2009 Chicago Marathon Dates and Info

    Are you looking for affordable lodging for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon? Look no further, the Chicago Getaway Hostel is your place. The 2009 Chicago Marathon is October 11th. If... Read more

  • Turtle Races! Yeah, that's right, TURTLE RACES!

    Big Joe's has turtle races every Friday night starting at approximately 9pm. 1818 W Foster Avenue Chicago, IL 60640 (773) 784-8755 This Ravenswood neighborhood joint is your typical dive bar with... Read more

  • Under 21? Try These Nightlife Options

    Chicago's bars and clubs require patrons to be at least 21 years old. There are still plenty of options if you aren't old enough to legally "hit the sauce." Here... Read more

  • Free Things to Do In Chicago

    Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the USA and offers spectacular skyline, world-class art museums, and many free things to do! Attractions Photograph Buckingham Fountain Photo of Buckingham Fountain © puroticorico Buckingham... Read more

  • Chicago Concerts & Music Venues

    Chicago live music clubs and a comprehensive list of Chicago concerts.... Read more

  • to-do (extracted from other post)

    Museums Shedd Aquarium Affectionately called "The World's Aquarium," the Shedd Aquarium is home to almost 22,000 aquatic creatures, spanning 1,500 species. Visitors touring the 422,000 sq. ft facility have access to a... Read more