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Cheap Ways to Travel to Chicago.

18 Feb

Benefit from travel alternatives that ease your budget, and allow you to spend money on seeing new sites….


Train travel can be both affordable & exciting;  allowing you to travel relatively quick, but also adding a picturesque setting to your commute.  Amtrak coupons are avalaible from a variety of links, those from prove legit and easy to apply to your ticket charge.  Trains travel to Chicago’s Union Station in the dowtown area. 225 S. Canal St.


Bus travel proves to be the most cost-efficient way to get across the States.  So the big question remains:  Do you take Greyhound or the Megabus to your destination?  Megabus is a younger company, which in turn means their buses tend to have a better quality,  but being a newer establishment, you may find that Greyhound has more routes to choose from.  If you are paying in advance,  Megabus offers tickets at a very cheap rate.  You can check out the great bus debate here, and see the final verdict that Megabus wins by a small margin.  There is a Megabus stop at Canal & Jackson.


When it comes to budgeting a flight, we recommend  Browse through site recommended offers or plug in your travel details for the best offers available.  In addition, check out Spirit Airlines that emphasize cheap tickets & cheap flights, check out the map to know exactly where they fly here.  Also, Southwest Airlines offers especially inexpensive tickets on Tuesday Morning, so take advantage!

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