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Chicago Restaurants Worth the Wait.

07 Dec

Behold, these restaurants are notorious for line waiting & awkward moments standing near doorways, BUT these establishments are also prominently known for their most excellent dishes.  Leave a little early and enjoy…. 

Great Lake.

Great Lake does not imply pizza, but that’s surely what they specialize in.  Although it’s not massive Chicago style, it’ll be some of the most memorable, their crust is thin & airy and the pie melts in your mouth.  Lines tend to be long partly due to the eaterie’s small size; the price begins around $25 but the specialty pizzas are way worth the rate.  Indulge at 1477 W Balmoral Ave. BYOB.

Pizza from Great Lake.

Kuma’s Corner.

Metal music & hamburgers, anyone?  If you haven’t heard of Kuma’s yet, now you know, and you should go there.  Despite a potentially lofty wait, the burgers served compete with the best.  I never thought i’d enjoy an entree called a “plague bringer,” but the roasted garlic mayo, tortilla strips, & fresh jalapenos had me wanting more.  Great beer list, specialty burgers at 2900 W Belmont Ave.


a Kuma’s burger.


Pannenkoeken Cafe.

Dutch deliciousness on Chicago’s northside, Pannenkoeken Cafe (it is not in fact pronounced pokemon) creates the tastiest thin & crispy pancakes, you can order them sweet (fruit, whipped topping, nutella etc) or savory (veggies, havarti cheese, bacon etc).  The wait for a table in their little space varies, but they call you when a table is free giving you ample time to explore Lincoln Square.  4757 N Western Ave.

Dutch Pancakes.


Xoco Chicago.

Renowned Chef Rick Bayless’s take on finely crafted Mexican food is displayed at Xoco….and it is darn good.  Everyone agrees about their signature guacamole, and the made to order tortas are most excellent.  Bayless really knows how to prepare pork, so if it is the milanesa (breaded) or ahogada (in spicy tomato soup), that’s a good way to go. 449 N. Clark St.

tortas at Xoco.


Hot Doug’s

Hot Doug’s is located at 3324 N. California Ave, and there is not much around it in that area, BUT people migrate their on a daily basis, and we can’t blame them.  The premium gourmet hot dogs are extremely tasty & it’s fun choosing from a list of celebrity-named dogs- the elvis is a delicious polish sausage, and the joe strummer is their vegan dog.  In addition, try their fries that are cooked in duck fat. Yes, and they’re awesome.

hot dogs? Yes please.

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