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"The hostel was really clean and in a great location" - KeithAllOver, USA

Chicago Speakeasies

06 Jul

Here’s a few most historically excellent bars, pubs, taverns, and lounges to quench your summer-stricken thirst…

Burwood Tap

“Operated as a speakeasy in the last year of prohibition, 1933, and was one of the first 20 bars in Chicago to obtain a liquor license after it was repealed.”  The Burwood Tap is a brief stroll from the hostel and is always our first stop on our renowned pub crawls.

Rainbo Club

“Where a normal bar might have windows facing the sidewalk & letting light in, the eastern wall of Rainbo Club is windowless & blocked by a thick display case in order to insulate the noise of the rowdy 1920s speakeasy from police.”  This is by far one of the coolest bars in hip Wicker Park (and it’s extremely cheap).

Simon's Tavern

“Founded by a Swedish immigrant, Simon’s was originally a grocery store, opened right after WWI.  During Prohibition, the store sold coffee with whiskey in it, until it made enough money to open a full-blown speakeasy in the basement, complete with an alley entrance.  The speakeasy was called the No Name Club.”  One of Andersonville’s historic highlights- check this place out.

Jake's Pub

 ”During Prohibition, a candy store at the site of Jake’s was a front for the illegal bar next door.”  Right in Lincoln Park/Lakeview, this cozy neighborhood drinking hole offers pool & darts.

Halligan Bar

“The infamous Bugs Moran ran this bar as a speakeasy during Prohibition.”  Another stop on our pub crawl, don’t miss Halligan on a Thursday evening when bottles are $2…


*This is just a taste of some of the long-running worthwhile drinking establishments in Chicago, check out the rest HERE.

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