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From Sweet to Savory: Chicago’s Best Pancakes.

20 Jun

The perfect breakfast food meets the best city in the Midwest.  Seek out the top Pancake

Pannenkoeken Café

Try Pannenkoeken CaféThis Dutch style café is tiny and you may have to put your phone number on a waiting list, but it will all prove more than worthwhile.  The pannenkoekens can be sweet or savory and can be customized to come with an array of options: berries, whipped cream, bacon, Havarti cheese, asparagus or other veggies.  The pancake itself is slightly crunchy and thin, just how they should be, oh, and it covers the entire large plate.  Great coffee too but cash only at 4757 N Western Ave.


Another popular spot on the northside is M.Henry.  Andersonville’s booming morning & afternoon hotspot, if you are travelling in Chicago during the week, we would recommend making this a weekday excursion.  Nevertheless, their Blueberry Bliss Pancakes (pictured above) are some of the best around, they prove to be what you want in a thick, fluffy flapjack that is topped off with sweet & fresh toppings.  5707 N. Clark St.

Bongo Room

Head to the Bongo Room for their Banana Bacon Flapjacks that are out of this world.  One critic explains: “I opted for the banana flapjacks, which are filled with crumbled bacon and topped with praline sauce, bananas, and a wonderfully obscene amount of crème anglaise. This plate was as delicious as it was decadent. Note: standard orders come with three pancakes, but you can ask to get just one or two if you like.”1470 N. Milwaukee Ave or 1152 S. Wabash.

Uncommon Ground

Known as being extremely eco-friendly, Uncommon Ground, the kitchen relies on local and sustainable ingredients, their pancakes come with vanilla yogurt, organic granola, and tangy organic concord grape syrup.  This place is a comfortable breakfast gem and also features live music in the evening.  Order the Organic Granola and Vanilla Yogurt Pancakes which will prove worth your $10 at 3800 N Clark St.

Jam in Logan Square

Lucky for us, Jam in Logan Square serves their German Chocolate Pancakes from 7am-9pm.  Topped with coconut caramel, maple marshmallow, and pecan brittle, these are the sweetest hotcakes to make our list by a longshot.  The chef (Jeffrey Mauro) worked under famous Chicago chef Charlie Trotter and he applies his expertise to the brunch menu, all while maintaining reasonable menu prices.  3057 W Logan Blvd.

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