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Rich History in the heart of Lincoln Park, Chicago.

People often ask, what did Chicago Getaway Hostel used to be?  Our building has a rich history in the heart of Lincoln Park – an affluent neighborhood just north of downtown.

1898:  Philanthropist Ina Robertson (1867-1916) established a series of boardinghouses for young working women in Chicago.  These boardinghouses, called Eleanor Clubs, reached the height of their popularity in the 1910s and 1920s, when six residential clubs housed a total of six hundred young women.

Ina Robertson (provided by Eleanor Record, Dec. 1918.

Ina Robertson (provided by Eleanor Record, Dec. 1918.


1928: The home to Chicago Getaway Hostel was built.  The Eleanor Clubs commissioned Edwin H. Clark (1878-1967) to design our current building in the Georgian Revival Style.  Edwin H. Clark designed many buildings including the Lincoln Park Cultural Center.

History - Chicago Getaway

Chicago Getaway Hostel circa 1920s in Chicago’s Lincoln Park.

Lincoln Park Cultural Center, circa 1926.

Lincoln Park Cultural Center, circa 1926.

Reptile House at Lincoln Park Zoo

Reptile House at Lincoln Park Zoo

2006:  The Arlington-Deming District is given landmark status.

Located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, this district contains a fine array of buildings exemplifying the high-quality residential and institutional buildings historically built in this north lakefront neighborhood. Earliest buildings in the district date from the years immediately after the Chicago Fire of 1871, when this portion of then-independent Lake View Township served as refuge for displaced Chicago families. Mansions built on curved Deming Place in the years following annexation by Chicago in 1889 housed several of Chicago’s wealthy entrepreneurs, including William Wieboldt of department store fame. Tall apartment hotels, often built with visually-eclectic ornament, reflect the area’s continued attractiveness in the 1920s.

2009:  The former Arlington House International Hostel officially becomes Chicago Getaway Hostel


2010:  In 2010, our building celebrated its 82nd birthday.  We celebrated with giving her a head to toe, tune-up.

Present:  Today, 86 years later, we strive to honor the history of our great building and the trailblazing past of Ina Robertson, the founder and first president of the Eleanor Clubs.  Interestingly enough, through all of these years; our mission remains the same.  Provide a fun, social atmosphere at a price that’s affordable and in a neighborhood that cannot be surpassed.

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