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How to Make a Chicago Hot Dog

10 Jul

There’s quite a few excellent restaurants to grab a great Chicago dog, but it is also very easy to make yourself.  The ingredients are easy, and the assembly is a breeze…

the (poppy seed) bun.

1. The Poppy Seed Bun:  There’s something about the subtle effect of the poppy seeds on a fresh hot dog bun.

hot dog (all beef)

2. All Beef Dog: This is the best bet for authentic Chicago dogs; instead of a mystery mix of meats, go with the staple….Vienna Beef is always recommended!

mustard & onions!

3.  Mustard & Onions: spread a bit of each on, these are the first layer of your dog giving it that savory taste.  **Remember: NO KETCHUP.

tomatoes, relish, sport peppers

4.  Tomatoes, Relish, & Sport Peppers:  Now add the sweet additions of tomatoes and relish (look for the bright, almost fluorescent sweet relish), throw on as many spicy sport peppers and we’re almost ready to eat.

ready to eat!!!

5.  Add the Pickle!  It gives it that nice crunch. Oh, and Enjoy!

**You can make your Chicago Style Hot Dog at our FREE BBQs (Friday at 6pm & Sunday at 4pm).

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