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Vegetarian Restaurants in Chicago

03 Jan

Chicago knows burgers, hot dogs, pizza, but we also have some great spots that leave out the meat, here are our picks for vegetarian options…

Karyns on Green.

Hip decor meets vegan deliciousness at Karyn’s on Green.  Whether it’s their wonderful butternut squash soup or jerry’s pizza (paper thin crust, wild mushrooms, vegan cheese, fresh basil & garlic), this place does not disappoint.  They warn that their honey is not vegan but obtained from local beekeepers…like that’s a bad thing.  130 S. Green St. in the West Loop.  Average plate- $11.

Handlebar Chicago.

Fact: trendy neighborhoods have cool vegan eateries.  Look no further than Wicker Park’s Handlebar.  The disclaimer: “We recycle, brew fair trade coffee, serve all organic eggs and source produce from local farms.”  This really rings true as their menu proves to satisfy anyone’s taste buds.  Menu must-eats include: cornbread fried pickles, fried avocado tacos, & pepita scramble.  Handlebar also boasts a full bar which is open everyday until 1am. 2311 W. North Ave.  Average- $9.

The Loving Hut.

Asian meets vegetarian in an extremely flavorful outcome.  The Loving Hut in Edgewater serves popular Asian dishes meat-free; try the Korean BiBimBap or the spicy KungPao, and for beverages, try a Mangolash that has a mix of mango & coconut milk.  Inexpensive, fresh, & delicious.  5812 N. Broadway Ave.  Average plate- $7.


Mana Food Bar.

Mana Food Bar is a popular mecca for vegetarian cuisine seekers across Chicago.  The menu boasts everything from potato pancakes to mushroom saute, to vegan takes on mac-n-cheese to tamales.   Inside tip: everyday they serve their famous mushroom burger sliders with a beer for only $7.50.  1742 W. Division St.  Average plate- $11.


The Chicago Diner.

Although the name may indicate otherwise, The Chicago Diner prepares some of the most tasty vegetarian friendly dishes in all of the city.  Located in always fun Lakeview, swing by and try their rueben sandwich or a delicious seitan burger or veggie wingz.  Check out their extensive menu options here, and keep in mind: EVERYTHING ON THE MENU IS VEGETARIAN.  3411 N. Halsted St.  Average plate- $10.

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