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We Love Chicago’s Food Scene.

05 Mar


I’m hungry.  Are you hungry?  Let’s eat…


Kumas Corner

Kuma's Corner

Kuma’s Corner is a biker-type bar that serves up delicious burgers on pretzel buns, they’ve even been on the Food Network.  These burgers are named after heavy metal bands and that’s what dominates the speakers in this joint.  They also tend to place a fried egg on top your massive slab of beef, prepare yourself for a truly decadent feast…

Hot Dougs

Hot Doug's

Hot Doug’s is one of the most talked about restaurants in Chicago (you could see by the epic-sized line above).  However, this place is not over-hyped and boasts the finest quality encased meats.  The hot dogs are nothing short of delicious and their fries are made with duck fat (mmmm).  The experience makes up for the obscure location, as well as the long lines.  GO ON A WEEKDAY.

Earwax Cafe

Earwax Cafe

Vegans rejoice! We found you the perfect eatery.  Earwax Cafe is in the always fun neighborhood of Wicker Park and boasts a savory menu of vegetarian-friendly dishes.  Try the black bean burger, tuscan seitan sandwich, and the chocolate peanut butter shake

Sultans Market

Sultan's Market

I cannot praise this fast Middle Eastern place enough.  The Sultan’s Market claims braggin rights for best falafel and shwarma in the city.  Do not expect anything formal as the place is considerably small and perfect for absolutely awesome fast food.  The best part is this place is a stone’s throw from our hostel.

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